History of Rabbit Singapore

In Singapore, the rabbit is a long-standing cultural icon, having been a staple of the country’s history and folklore for centuries. Yet it is only in recent years that the rabbit has become more than just a mythical figure – a beloved pet and an increasingly popular business venture.

In Singapore, rabbits have been around since the 1800s. The earliest record of a “rabbit farm” in Singapore is found in a book entitled The Rabbit Singapore , which was published in 1896. The book documented the lives of rabbit farmers and their businesses, which included trading, breeding and selling rabbits.

During the 20th century, rabbits became a popular pet in Singapore, with many families keeping them as house pets. The first rabbit show was held in Singapore in 1940, and by the 1960s, rabbits were a common sight at animal shows and exhibitions.

Today, the Rabbit Singapore community has grown to more than 300,000 followers. They share pictures and stories of their beloved bunnies, swap tips and tricks on how to care for the animals, and even have regular “Bunny Meet-Ups” where they get together to discuss rabbit-related topics, go on rabbit-walking excursions and just generally hang out.

The Rabbit Singapore community has become so popular that it even has its own website, where members can learn about the breed of their bunny, find out about upcoming events and purchase bunny-related products. They also host an annual Rabbit Singapore Show, where bunnies from all over the country come to compete in fun competitions and show off their skills.

So, there you have it – a whistle-stop tour of the wonderful world of Rabbit Singapore! Whether you’re a passionate bunny lover, or just a curious onlooker, this ever-growing community is one that definitely deserves a closer look.